Are You Allow to Offer Independent Contractors a Voluntary Educational Seminar?

When attempting to encourage your independent contractors to attend a training seminar, there are a few things to consider. These include: Issues of Incentives, Compliance, and Legality. We will discuss the legality of offering training sessions to your contractors. You should seek advice from an attorney if you have any doubts. Nonetheless, many business owners and managers have successfully offered such seminars to their contractors.


In today’s on demand delivery world, road safety training for on-demand drivers is a vital part of independent contractor compliance. In addition, independent contractor compliance training is beneficial for the business as it helps contractors become more loyal to the company, which can result in reduced churn. There is a variety of topics that can be covered during an independent contractor compliance seminar. Listed below are a few examples. Read on to discover how independent contractor training can benefit your business.

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